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Why us
Our job is to make you grow and excel as a marketer, with responsibility and inspiring results. 
  1. Great cooperation is built on engagement, pro-activeness, trust and joy. It is a shared responsibility.  
  2. We focus on the pre- and post phases of the marketing process, period. We mentor you in the doing.
  3. Our background is from the buyer’s perspective, but we understand agencies.
  4. Solutions and insight are often closer at hand than you think; our approach is from a communications perspective.
  5. Independent in recommendations. We bring in external talents as needed and let third parties execute.
  6. Processes and plans do not do much; new insights though great tools nicely packaged - can make us understand and see new things. Then People make all the differences.
  7. We don’t settle until you are happy, or you can have your money back.
  8. And last - add some fun to it, simply because it’s more fun to be happy.