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Stuck in the middle
Most marketers have great focus. You work to gain share, change perception, grow profitability, launch products, develop markets etc. Often a lot of time and energy is spent in the DO phase of the marketing process. As it should be. But to do the right things – with available resources, budgets and people – you need to spend more time in the PRE- and POST- phases. This is where we make a difference. We free up your time, have processes and tools to help you define and reach your goals. 

Stuck in the middle, with you
As head of marketing or communications, you have your CEO demanding a return on the marketing investment; the sales team wanting to reach quota; and management not always focused on communication challenges. It’s sometimes lonely, and advice is not always independent. We position ourselves between you and the agencies you work with. We are stuck in the middle, since we understand both sides of the coin. 

Just stuck
Most advertisers and marketers do measurements, often bottom-line related and campaign effects. But not as often the insights and learning’s from “the way to results” with process, workflow and co-operations. And these findings are rarely documented for future usage. Most of us also know that the agency relationship should be evaluated every six months. However this rarely happens. We support you and evaluate the work and results leading to new solutions and identify ways to strengthen your relationships or processes.